Quality ensures trust and safety!

Since 1999, Interchemie has applied the ISO quality standard principles in its production line. The entire manufacturing process meets the European Commission directive 91/356/EEC Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, to ensure medical safety and high quality. Continuous quality control in different aspects of the production processes enables timely detection and prevention of production defects.

The transition to Industry 4.0 Standard included the entire automatization and robotization of the packaging line and warehouse, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy.


Our promise is to offer our customers a variety of high-quality, compliant, and competitive products at an agreed time and quantity. We take into consideration our client’s specific needs and find the most effective ways to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our priority is to build customer confidence in our products and ensure customer satisfaction.


Our promise is to develop new and innovative veterinary medicines and feed additives that ensure a better quality of life for both large and small animals. In order to do so, we use the highest quality raw materials and implement the most effective quality control.

Contribution to agriculture

Our promise is to contribute to the efficiency of animal farming by offering our customers veterinary medicines and products based on their specific needs. In cooperation with livestock farmers, we contribute to the Estonian and international agriculture, and help ensure efficiency and productivity.


Our promise is to offer a competitive work environment and development opportunities for our employees in our vastly expanding company, and support our employees’ dreams and ambitions. Shift work, development opportunities, and considering the employees’ education pursuits are just a few examples of how we meet the employees’ specific needs. The health, safety and welfare of our employees, in both work and private life, are very important to us.

Cooperation partner

Our promise is to be a reliable partner by helping our customers and partners obtain success. It is important to us that we are useful to our clients and partners, in both the private and public sectors, in both large-scale and small manufacturers, and in both our hometown and foreign charities. We help non-profit organizations and crisis prevention centers to provide humanitarian aid; we supply universities with useful machinery, and are an active partner in our local community. The key to success is in teamwork!


Our promise is to operate in an environmentally-friendly way by using our resources efficiently and sustainably. We value green thinking and constantly seek opportunities to improve our daily processes to become more environmentally friendly.